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I'm Dan Woolfie, I'm a Musician from Manchester, UK.
Currently touring with Coroner for the Police & As Able As Kane [AAAK].


Nine Inch Nails performing “March of the Pigs” live in Melbourne on March 14th, 2014. Filmed on stage by robsheridan with a Blackmagic Production Camera 4K. Viewable in full 4K resolution.

NIN is on tour this year in Europe, UK, and North America. Tour dates and tickets at http://tour.nin.com

So awesome, I’d love to see a full set from this POV!


I’ve not been using this Tumblr for what I originally set it up to be, which was meant to be a “blog” where i’d post things about what i’d been up to so I had something to look back on. But I got lazy and just linked it to my Instagram, which I wish I didn’t because there’s been some amazing things happening over the past 12 months and all I have to show for it are some tiny-square-shaped-low-quality pictures. 

So, here’s a reminder to me to post some more meaningful stuff. 

The current thing that’s taking up my life is writing records.
I say records because i’ve somehow ended up being involved in the writing and recording of 4 albums with 4 different bands this year. I’ve never even been involved with writing that much stuff before, it’s roughly 60 new tracks that are on the go at the moment, and it’s really emptying my head of all my ideas, riffs, beats and bobs. BUT it’s exciting and it’s challenging. Everybody needs a challenge.

One of the albums is my first ever solo record. Which is quite frankly terrifying but is something i’ve needed to do for a long time. It’s not a collection of stories that have been perfectly worked out lyrically to get across my feelings and emotions. Come off it, that ‘aint me. It’s more about riffs i’ve had in my head for years and had nothing to do with them. Things that haven’t been suitable for other project, but all in all, it’s stuff that I need out of my head to make up room for other stuff. To be able to “cross that riff off the list” kind of thing. But yeah, it’s scary. I’m playing every instrument on it and i’m singing too. I don’t sing, I can’t sing. It’s embarrassing to hear my own voice blaring out. But i’ve told myself i’m going to do it on my own, so that’s the way it’s got to be.
I’ve no idea what to do with the record once it’s finished. I don’t know whether I want people to hear it or whether I want it just for me. I don’t know whether to go completely into overdrive and send it to a shit load of labels to see if anyone thinks it’s any good. I’d like to put a top band together and play a few shows live, but I guess i’ll have to weigh up to see if it’s worth the aggro or not. Any way, maybe i’ll post it out on here when it’s done, not many people follow me on here so maybe I wont get as much abuse hurled at me that way! “Turn that shite off!”

But yeah, expect me to be making noise on the new Coroner for the Police, AAAK [As Able As Kane] and Bobbie Peru records! I’ll also be playing some more live shows & festivals with Bobbie Peru over the summer, then touring with CFTP & AAAK later in the year. Bosh!

Woolf x

P.S. apologies for grammar and whatever, i try my best but i’m better at writing guitar lines than I am with this English stuff.

2048: Queens of the Stone Age Edition



Someone with infinitely more time on their hands has gone and created a version of 2048 involving QOTSA. As if I needed another way to waste hours of my time on this damn game. Match the pictures and work your way up through the band members to the holy grail square of 2048. (It’s probably Joshua; I don’t know that for certain, though, because I just started playing.)

Can’t wait to get back on tour!

New #aaak record is coming out reaaaal soon! 2x new singles and a new album. Very excited! 
#drums #drummer #pearldrums #zildjian #cymbals

New #aaak record is coming out reaaaal soon! 2x new singles and a new album. Very excited!
#drums #drummer #pearldrums #zildjian #cymbals

Alcatraz. Milano. w/#AAAK
#pearldrums #zildjian #cymbals #promark #drums #drumkit  (at Alcatraz)

Alcatraz. Milano. w/#AAAK
#pearldrums #zildjian #cymbals #promark #drums #drumkit (at Alcatraz)

[This was meant to be posted at 5:37am on 07/11/13, but it didn’t post due to (I can only presume) dodgy hotel wifi (it was very dodgy) and I was none the wiser. I’ve just found it in my “drafts folder” and noticed it didn’t post, so here it is. Weirdly enough, I was meant to post this before what turned out to be probably the best 3 days of my life, so it’s kind of cool to look back on this, hence me posting it up here 4 months later]

It’s 5.37am in a hotel room in Madrid. I’m knackered, i’m hungry and i’ve been sat in a van for 11 hours today travelling from our previous show in Toulouse. But I can honestly say i’m having the time of my life.

I’m doing what I dreamed of doing when I was a 13 year old kid who was just starting his first band. And i’m meeting some amazing people and friends along the way.

This is where I want to be and this is what I want to do.
The bitter part of me thinks that I’m just glad I didn’t listen to the teachers at school who told me maths was more important than music and that I was wasting valuable time skipping their lessons to practice music instead. All those people I wanted to come and see my band play back home in Manchester and never did. None of that matters anymore. It should have never mattered in the first place. It’s a big world out there and I plan on making noise in every single corner of it for the rest of my life.

Milano w/#AAAK! So pleased with that #snare sound! #remo CS on a #mapex black panther. Crack!
#pearldrums #zildjian #cymbals #promark #daddario @pearl_drums @promarkbydaddario